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The Intoxication of Power and Its Antidote

Jun 25, 2023

On his excellent Substack, Screaming Into the Void, Simulation Commander ended a recent post with: “As the man in my avatar [George Orwell] famously said:

I don’t think that’s true (and neither does SimComm). In fact, I believe that we’re moving into a time of detoxification, the tonic antidote to power over others. What we’re experiencing from those addicted to power is a desperate swarm of aggression, a last giddy head rush. The antidote to power over others is power over ourselves and only wanting that. It’s letting go of telling other people what to do. It’s letting go of our power over other people. It’s enabling people to take responsibility for themselves, and trusting that will come back to us.

This is hard because power over others—in the form of money—enables us to survive. We have what I call empire privilege, the ability to consume without producing. Charles Eisenstein writes about something similar in Notes on privilege:


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