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6/23/23: Bohemian Grove Sued, Killer Whales Attack Yachts, Zuckerberg’s Twitter Competitor, Pentagon Social Media Patrols, LIV Golf Merger Falling Apart

This week we discuss Bohemian Grove sued over Worker abuse, Journalists backing Yachts over Killer Whales during recent ocean attacks, Zuckerberg planning his own version of Twitter called “Threads” to be released soon, Ken Klippenstein covers The Pentagon patrolling social media for mean tweets about US Generals, and Matt Stoller covers the LIV Golf merger falling apart.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (0:13)Bohemian Grove Sued Over Worker Abuse (3:14)Killer Whales Attack Yachts (7:55)Zuckerberg’s New Twitter (16:00)Pentagon Patrols Social Media Defending US Generals (19:41)LIV Golf Merger Falling Apart (35:08)EOS

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