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Pete, Why?

Sep 26, 2022

When it comes to most of the content I’ve been putting out, “why” is the question I’ve been asked the most. The people who think the information I’ve been sharing is incoherent or a non-sequitur only make me want to work harder. Many of these people are usually stuck inside an ideology or “movement” and, as I’ve written before, become so consumed by their ideology that it becomes their identity. They will say things like, “I am” (אני) an anarchist, or “I am” a libertarian. They often cease being curious about any information other than what exists inside their bubble (identity). I’ve been there and have the narrow library to prove it. Thankfully 2020 woke me up causing me to poke a hole in the bubble and move beyond ideology.

Specifically, people have asked why I have hosted someone for over twenty episodes on World War 2 (WW2) revisionism. It’s not a complicated answer. Americans have been propagandized into thinking that WW2 was a “good war.” Many even call it THE Good War. I believe that if enough people begin to question the reasons they’ve been given for the United States allying with the fucking Commies, they will be ready to question the New Dealer’s Regime which continues to this day. I lead every conversation I have in real life about WW2 with the fact that the United States chose to fight with the Soviet Union almost certainly guaranteeing the strengthening of Mao’s China which led to The Korean War, Vietnam, etc.

When I decided to read the book Race War in High School on my podcast, I knew many would wonder why. And as expected, why was asked. Anyone who has listened to or watched the first episode should have the answer. The parallels to what we’re experiencing today is unmistakable. We see violence that is not addressed for the sake of not offending a minority of the population. Hence, there has been an elevating of minority groups in “caste” status above most of the population. Most importantly, we see the majority of the population blamed for all these minority groups’ ills.

The number of people who have contacted me to thank me for introducing them to books such as the one above, as well as others that exist outside of the libertarian bubble, are too many to count. You know who you are, and I thank you for letting me know that my alienating myself from many of the “bubble people” by just questioning the doctrine, helped you expand your understanding of how the world of realpolitik works. I intend to continue working on it.

And, it boils down to this: get outside of your box when it comes to the information you’re absorbing, and understand that history can, and does, show you what you can expect in the future. I was going to mention “history repeating itself” in relation to the WW2 readings – especially when it comes to the Weimar Republic – but I’ve beaten that horse to death and I’m sure all of you see the parallels. Do I believe I’m smarter than other people who podcast, write, etc.? Probably not. But I am covering things they refuse to touch, or outright reject. Whatever their motivation for that may be is not for me to judge. I only hope that you trust the journey I’m on and continue to grow in your ability to navigate this insane world. Our survival and victory is all that matters to me.

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