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6/22/23: Submarine Out Of Oxygen, Potential China Base In Cuba, SCOTUS Caught On Billionaire Vacation, Teen Test Scores Plummet, Elon Says Cisgender Is Slur, Billionaire Backed Populism, Remote Worker Revolution, Amazon Prime Lawsuit

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Coast Guard reporting that the OceanGate Submarine has run out of oxygen, China potentially opening a military base in Cuba, China freaking out after Biden calls Xi a Dictator, SCOTUS Justice Alito caught on billionaire vacation, Teenage Test Scores plummet after pandemic, Elon says “Cisgender” is a Slur, Krystal looks into outsider faux populist candidates with billionaire backing, Saagar looks into the remote worker revolution as workers flee big cities, and we’re joined by Matt Stoller to discuss Amazon being sued over Prime subscription renewal tricks on its customers.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:11) Submarine Billionaires Out Of Oxygen (19:45)Potential China Military Base in Cuba (26:44)China Freaks Over Biden Xi Dictator Claim (36:07)SCOTUS Justice Caught w/ Billionaire Vacation (47:13)Teenage Test Scores Plummet (57:00)Elon Says Cisgender Is Slur (1:04:23)Billionaire Backed Populism Exposed (1:16:17)Worker Revolution, Fleeing Big Cities (1:23:34)Matt Stoller on Amazon Prime Lawsuit (1:37:05)EOS

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