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6/21/23: Tucker And Trump React To Hunter Charges, Obama Blames Economy For Rightwing Populism, Trump Trial Date Set Week Before Debate, Impending Student Debt Ruling, Andrew Tate Charged In Romania, Venezuela Sanctions, Titanic Submarine Missing And New Lab Leak Evidence

Ryan and Emily discuss Tucker and Trump responding to Hunter Biden’s charges, Obama blaming economic woes for the rise of rightwing populism, Trump trial date set a week before the first GOP debate, student debt SCOTUS ruling impending, Andrew Tate charged in Romania, Venezuelan and Cuban sanctions, a submarine visiting Titanic wreckage goes missing, and Justin Goodman joins to discuss new lab leak evidence.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:14)Tucker, Trump Explode On Hunter Settlement (16:34)Obama Blames Economy For Rightwing Populism (30:32)Trump Trial Date Set Week Before Debates (48:39)SCOTUS Student Debt Ruling Impending (1:02:46)Andrew Tate Officially Charged In Romania (1:14:37)Venezuelan Sanctions (1:23:07)Titanic Submarine Goes Missing (1:36:56)New Lab Leak Evidence Of US Involvement (1:57:49)EOS

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