Your Russia-related questions have been answered

Exhaustive responses to 15 highly germane reader-submitted questions

Jun 12, 2023
A mural spotted by Edward near Moscow’s Vnukovo international airport, in June 2022.

Last week I invited my beguiling and perfect-in-every-way paid subscribers to ask me questions about Russia, or other topics, if they felt so inclined.

Their queries spanned from the lighthearted to the quite controversial. Many of the questions had no “correct” answer, but since this was my Q&A, I thought it would be appropriate to share my own, unvarnished perspectives.

There’s a decent chance some of my answers might rub you the wrong way, but please remember that I’m a blogger with poor prospects, and so instead of being angry with me, you should pity me and give me money.

My hope is that these questions—and my answers—will encourage constructive, stimulating dialogue on the subjects that were touched upon.

But anyway, happy reading, and thank you again to my generous paid subscribers, who tolerate a lot; too much, really.



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