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Secret ‘Goldilocks’ documents

June 19, 2023
Hello, Insiders. Hallam Bullock, an editor on Insider’s audience team, here. Today marks Juneteenth, a federal holiday in the US commemorating the end of slavery. From parades to pageants, here’s how America has celebrated Juneteenth over the decades.


Today, we’re exploring how the jury at Trump’s potential trial may get a glimpse at some government secrets. But, like Goldilocks, prosecutors have to make sure the classified evidence is just right.


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Blinken, Ackman, & Ireland

  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The pair pledged to stabilize ties between their countries. Read more.
  • Bill Ackman is offering $150,000 for a scientist to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines on Joe Rogan’s podcast. But Ackman wants you to know he’s “not an anti-vaxxer.”
  • Ireland will pay people up to $92,000 to move to idyllic remote islands. The new initiative will come into effect on July 1. More here.

‘Goldilocks’ evidence

Department of Justice; Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images
In a potential trial over classified documents, how do you present evidence to the jury without jeopardizing national secrets? 

That’s the question facing prosecutors putting forth a case against former President Donald Trump over the alleged mishandling of classified documents. The answer: they have to find the perfect “Goldilocks” documents.

A “Goldilocks” document, according to former DOJ prosecutor David Aaron, is a file that is “sensitive, but not too sensitive.” Something secret enough to prove the prosecution’s point — but not something so secret that it puts the US at risk.

Aaron told The Washington Post that, in the case of a public trial, intelligence agencies would also determine how the classified documents would be spoken about. He said the court, counsel, and the jury would likely communicate via code, known as the “silent witness rule.”


McCarthy, Reddit, & fighter jets

Evan Agostini/AP Exchange, Tyler Le/Insider


  • “My final, unexpected conversation with Cormac McCarthy.” David Kushner’s last phone call with McCarthy, the acclaimed novelist who died last week at 89, came out of the blue a few months ago. Kushner heard something in McCarthy’s voice he hadn’t heard before — age. Read more.
  • Flying the F-35 fighter jet can leave pilots looking “like they are 100 years old.” That’s according to a test pilot who was speaking during a Lockheed Martin webinar. Another pilot said the g-force is like “an 800-pound gorilla sitting on your chest.” More here.
  • Reddit’s CEO doubled down on the API changes that the platform is enforcing next month. The recent policy change could cost popular third-party Reddit apps millions. But CEO Steve Huffman said: “These aren’t like side projects or charities.” More on his comments here.
  • A former Goldman partner reportedly paid a multimillion-dollar settlement. Bloomberg reported that Adam Dell allegedly shared a sexually explicit video with a younger female colleague by mistake. Read more here.
  • The 10 best states for working dads. The study looked at four factors: economic and social wellbeing, work-life balance, child care, and health. Minnesota and Virginia made the top ten. Get the full list of states here.
  • A first-time cruise ship rider shared six things other first-timers should know. The location of your cabin is crucial to how rocked you’ll get while sleeping. Plus, formal-night attire wasn’t enforced on the boat. See all the tips here.
  • Tiny Japanese pick-up trucks that cost about $5,000 are winning fans in America. Kei trucks are about 11 feet long and are typically limited to 25 miles an hour. They’re a common sight on Japanese roads, but now Americans are drawn to the compact, versatile, and cheap vehicles.

‘White Lotus’

Chloé Pantazi-Wolber/Insider


“I stayed in a 5-star Hawaii hotel for $2,275 a night.” Insider’s Chloe Pantazi went to the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, which was the hotel in season one of “The White Lotus.” She was shocked to find amenities she’d never seen before, including a beach tote and reusable water bottles. Check it out.

So Expensive

One of the most expensive mattresses on the market is made from natural latex. It’s hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and more durable than memory foam — but can cost more than $2,000. We explored why natural latex mattresses are so expensive.

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