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Profiting off tenant misery, Paul Schrader’s unlikely optimism, justice for Fatima, and more.

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June 16, 2023
“Bronx real estate is permanently linked in the public imagination with the landlord arson of the 1970s,” Eileen Markey writes. “Nowadays, landlords don’t need to actually burn their buildings to get their cash. With Freddie’s help, they can simply refinance them into the ground.”

For our latest cover story, Eileen Markey digs into how Freddie Mac, a public entity, is sucking money from America’s poorest slums. Markey tracks a group of apartment buildings in the Bronx that, although they house hundreds of families, are no longer really homes, but rather vehicles for speculation.

How Freddie Mac Helps Private Equity Profit From Tenant Misery
Overloaded with debt, with maintenance and repairs cut back to the bone, tenants are being bled dry to make millions for speculators—with a crucial assist from the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
Eileen Markey
Paul Schrader’s Unlikely Optimism
Master Gardener seems designed to provoke. But in his late age, the filmmaker has settled into an earnest style, fixated on love and second chances.
Vikram Murthi
Fatima Mousa Mohammed Deserves to Be Defended, Not Smeared
Alexis Grenell’s attack on Mohammed’s CUNY speech was unfair and inaccurate.
Hebh Jamal
Fordism Comes to the Gallery—and AI Comes for the Artists
Though hyped in the media as the latest thing, the images generated by AI art are actually old, trapping the viewer in a time loop of kitsch.
Dwayne Monroe
Neil Gorsuch May Be the Supreme Court’s Fiercest Defender of Native Rights
Gorsuch wrote two powerful decisions in support of tribal sovereignty this week. If only he thought women and Black people deserved the same respect.
Elie Mystal
Cornel West Should Not Be Running for President; Plus the GOP vs. Divorce
On this episode of Start Making Sense, Joan Walsh on politics, and Katha Pollitt on Republicans and women.
Jon Wiener
Pat Robertson’s Terrible Legacy
On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Sarah Posner on a titan of the religious right.
Jeet Heer

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