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Parents are having a huge debate right now about whether it’s right to use apps to track their kids


Cat owner put a first person camera on their collar and accidentally filled the world with delight

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat? To watch the world from less than a foot off the ground, seeing and hearing things humans completely miss, staring out the window for hours while contemplating one of your nine lives?

Well, thanks to one person, we need wonder no more—at least about what-they’re-seeing part.

The TikTok channel Mr. Kitters the Cat ( gives us a cat’s-eye view of the world with a camera attached to Mr. Kitters’ collar. And the result is an utterly delightful POV experience that takes us through the daily adventuring of the frisky feline as he wanders the yard.

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Person gets lazy coworker to unwittingly take on more work with comically simple task descriptions

It’s frustrating to see a lazy coworker take the easy way out. Cherry-picking the easiest tasks? Not cool! This was what prompted Reddit user u/SnooBunnies7461 to teach their crafty colleague a lesson.

They explained in a now-viral post that their team works on a first-in-first-out workflow basis, tackling tasks from oldest to newest. That is, if an employee wants to take on a task, they have to take the oldest one first. But this one particular coworker wouldn’t do that and instead would choose a task based on the task descriptions in a separate system.

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Firefighters save two puppies stuck in a tortoise’s den by tempting it with watermelon

The San Bernardino County Fire Department found themselves in a bit of a pickle when trying to rescue two 5-month-old puppies stuck in a tortoise’s den. But they were able to save the dogs using a bit of ingenuity and taking advantage of a tortoise’s love of watermelon.

The firefighters were called out to a home in Yucca Valley where two puppies, Peo and Finn, had crawled deep inside a tortoise’s den. But when the den’s owner, Oscar, a 100-pound African Sulcatta tortoise, came home, the puppies were stuck inside without food or water.

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Parents are having a huge debate right now about whether it’s right to use apps to track their kids


If you’re ever bored on a weeknight, just drop into a mom group and ask about their thoughts on Life360 or some other app used to locate children. I guarantee it’ll make you feel like the most popular kid in town with how many notifications you’ll get, either in support of the app or telling you that it’s the worst invention ever.

This question inevitably pops up in a few social media mom groups I belong to at least once a month, and every month there’s a battle for who will win the best parent trophy. There’s no trophy though, unless the trophy is high blood pressure from arguing with strangers on the internet about children you’ll never meet. If that’s the prize, then I’ve won two of them.

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Pop star Jessie J writes beautiful post-baby body message that every mom deserves to hear

For many women, the simple act of feeling good in one’s body is a daily challenge. Internalized misogyny, outdated societal views and capitalism that feeds off of insecurity certainly don’t make it easy. Even truly miraculous experiences, like bringing a small human into this world, are tinged with shame, simply because the body hasn’t instantly “bounced back.”

However, sometimes we get a glimpse of what a new, more loving perspective could be. And hearing one person’s compassionate words can help us instill a new way of thinking.

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