‘Bill de Blasio on Post-Mayoral Life and His Biggest Regrets,’

There is so much interesting stuff in Intelligencer’s Benjamin Hart’s long interview with Bill de Blasio. The former mayor is by turns funnier, more candid, and more insightful than I recall him being during the eight years he led the city. Which makes sense, given that — as he admits — he’s a lot more relaxed now. He discusses in some detail how brutal that job was and how he might handle its pressures differently now. But the passage that really makes the whole interview for me begins, “I’m like, ‘Don’t make me hold a fucking groundhog.’ I mean, what the hell? Let me tell you exactly what happened.”

— Jebediah Reed, editor, Intelligencer

Bill de Blasio on Post-Mayoral Life and His Biggest Regrets (Groundhog Included) The candid ex-pol stands firmly by his record but wishes he hadn’t been so stubborn while in office.

Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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