An Historiography of Anarchism

This article summarizes many years of research which culminated in the publication of the book Bandeira Negra: Rediscutindo o Anarquismo [Black Flag: Rediscussing Anarchism].1 The book is the fruit of a collective global research project on anarchism, involving international researchers within the Institute for Anarchist Theory and History (IATH). The simple yet tricky unifying research question was: what is anarchism?

The book was structured around three central goals:

  1. Developing a critical assessment of reference studies on anarchism (in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French).
  2. Proposing a new theoretical-methodological approach for studies on anarchism.
  3. Redefining anarchism and clarifying its great historical debates and trends; based on the written production of more than eighty anarchist authors and organizations, and the global history of anarchism since its inception nearly one hundred and fifty years ago.

Below are the main arguments of the book, arranged according to the three aforementioned fronts.


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