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Free Speech and Critical Thinking in America’s Universities

June 13, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
It’s Time to Retire the Labor Law

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

Why? Because when the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed in 1938, it was—1938. In today’s dynamic economy, persons selling their labor should enjoy just as much freedom of contract as they have in the sale of anything else. They need that freedom—and all of us, whom they serve while “on the job,” need it, too! READ MORE »

The Exploitation of Labor
and Other Union Myths

The Independent Review, Winter 2019/20

Debt Ceiling Reprieve, Banking Health, NAACP Slaps Florida

Graham Walker, Williamson Evers, Ben Powell (Independent Outlook 52)

What was all the hullabaloo about the debt ceiling? Was it worth it? And is it ok to stop worrying about the U.S. banking system now? On Florida: why do NAACP leadership live there if it’s officially “unsafe”? WATCH NOW »

California Keeps Shooting Itself in the Foot on Affordable Rental Housing

Adam B. Summers (Orange County Register)

Want no rental housing built that is actually affordable? Demonize landlords, allow wayward tenants not to pay rent, and then force the former to pay exorbitant legal fees to see the latter finally (but often never) evicted. A nightmare? Welcome to California…. READ MORE »

How to Restore the California Dream

Removing Obstacles to Fast
and Affordable Housing Development

By Lawrence J. McQuillan

John Etchemendy Interview: Free Speech and Critical Thinking in America’s Universities | Ep. 12

Dr. Atlas interviews John Etchemendy, former Provost at Stanford University and the Patrick Suppes Professor at Stanford’s School of Humanities & Science and co-director of Stanford’s Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Center. They have an insightful conversation about the environment for the free exchange of ideas and critical thinking in academia today. WATCH »

Lusaka and the Failure of the “Garden City”

Scott Beyer (Catalyst)

In Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, there’s a housing shortage, making conditions, as a result, crowded and unsanitary. Residents can thank colonial British urban planning. Such social engineering was bad then. It’s bad now. Let’s have no more of it. Anywhere. READ MORE »

The Voluntary City

Choice, Community, and Civil Society

Edited by David T. Beito et al.

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