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6/13/23: Trump Calls For Protests As He Heads To Court, Ukraine Leopard Tanks Destroyed, Foreclosures Skyrocket, San Fran Hotels And Malls Close, Biden On Tape Taking Bribe, Fox Sends Tucker Cease And Desist, UPS Strike Looms, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, James Van Der Beek Demands Dems Debate

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump heading to court today as he calls for protests, half of Ukraine’s Leopard Tanks destroyed in counteroffensive, home foreclosures skyrocket, San Fran malls and hotels close, GOP claims Biden corruption on tape, Fox sends Tucker a cease and desist, huge UPS strike looms, JPMorgan settles Epstein case, and James Van Der Beek demands Democrats host debates.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (2:03)Trump Heads To Court (13:33)Trump Calls For Protests (21:04)Half Of Ukraine Leopard Tanks Destroyed (29:42)Home Foreclosures Skyrocket (36:55)San Fran Hotels And Malls Close (45:08)GOP Claims Biden Corruption On Tape (54:03) Fox Sends Tucker Cease And Desist (1:02:31)Krystal On UPS Strike (1:09:30)Saagar On JPMorgan Epstein Settlement (1:16:48)James Van Der Beek Demands Dem Debates (1:31:55)End Of Show

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