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Feeding Frenzy: How Freddie Mac Helps Private Equity Profit From Slum Housing

Feeding Frenzy: How Freddie Mac Helps Private Equity Profit From Slum Housing
Overloaded with debt, with maintenance and repairs cut back to the bone, some of America’s worst slums are being bled dry to make millions for speculators—with a crucial assist from the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
Eileen Markey
Next Time, Dammit, Just Default
Democrats feared a monster called “default”—but it’s just another Washington scare story.
James K. Galbraith for The Nation
The Supreme Court Has Done Us Dirty on the Clean Water Act
The recent ruling in Sackett v. EPA drastically weakens the Clean Water Act.
Elie Mystal
The Democrat Taking Back Wisconsin
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler has taken the party’s operation out of the backrooms and into the streets.
John Nichols
The Enduring Grift of the Washington Operator
A new book argues that D.C. became a swamp in the Trump years, but like any company town it has always been a hive of influence peddling, self-dealing, and graft.
Chris Lehmann
For this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, host Jon Wiener discusses the far right’s takeover of Shasta County, Calif., with Sasha Abramsky and the history of Black families—both under slavery and after—with Brenda Stevenson. On The Time of Monsters, host Jeet Heer speaks to Alexander Sammon about the political power of a reactionary car cartel. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to get new episodes each week, and stay tuned… a new podcast from one of your favorite Nation regulars is coming soon!

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