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6/7/23: Chris Christie Attacks Trump, Mike Pence Launches 2024 Bid, Tucker Returns On Ukraine And UFOs, PGA Merges With Liv Golf, Chris Licht Out At CNN, Wokeness Vs. Anti-Woke, Julian Assange, FBI Election Interference And An Interview With Imran Khan

Ryan and Emily discuss Chris Christie and Mike Pence launching their 2024 bids, Tucker returning with his new Twitter show on Ukraine and UFOs, PGA Tour merging with LIV Golf, anti-woke vs. wokeness, Julian Assange and the CIA, FBI election interference, and Ryan interviews ousted Pakistani leader Imran Khan.

Full Imran Khan Interview:



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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (2:02)Chris Christie, Mike Pence Launch 2024 Runs (16:26)Tucker Returns On Ukraine, UFO’s (30:47)PGA Merges With LIV Golf (40:31)Chris Licht Out At CNN (47:55)Anti-Woke Wokesters (1:04:24)CIA And Julian Assange (1:09:51)FBI Election Interference (1:20:13)Ryan Interviews Imran Khan (1:42:20)End Of Show

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