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The Lighthouse: Walmart Envy | Markets to Save Medicare? | Smokey Bear Was Right

June 6, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
Bill and Ted Take Joan of Arc to Walmart

Art Carden (AIER)

Not a titled noble or an emperor or an iron-fisted warlord? But still want to enjoy the fruits of the world’s labors? Thanks to our commercial society, you can. It’s called Walmart. And not even the Caesars had it so good. READ MORE »


Economic Peril or Prosperity?

Edited by Robert M. Whaples et al.

What Should We Do About Medicare?

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

President Biden and former President Trump have made the same promise to voters: they won’t touch Social Security or Medicare. That’s not merely disappointing. It’s irresponsible. All the more so since some good, relatively easy, free-market fixes could be implemented—right now. Our own John Goodman has the details. READ MORE »

New Way to Care

Social Protections that Put Families First

By John C. Goodman

‘Science’ Tells Us Energy and Cement Companies Cause Wildfires

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)

“Only you can prevent wildfires,” says Smokey Bear, who called—remember?—for campfire safety, proper maintenance of equipment, and home protection. Such practical advice is better than blowing smoke on climate change and blaming energy companies. That was true then and is now. Particularly now. READ MORE »

California Wildfires

Key Recommendations to Prevent
Future Disasters

By Lawrence J. McQuillan et al.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Unnecessarily Drives China and Russia Together in Opposition

Ivan R. Eland (Eagle Tribune)

Nixon cleverly created a competition between China and Russia, to America’s advantage. Regrettably, Biden is doing the opposite, to America’s disadvantage. Can anything be done to reverse this blunder? (Yes.) READ MORE »

War and the Rogue Presidency

Restoring the Republic after
Congressional Failure

By Ivan Eland

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