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6/6/23: Ukrainian Dam Attacked, Ukraine Backed Saboteurs Inside Russia, Media Downplays Nazi’s, Imminent Trump Indictment, Cornell West 2024 Run, UFO Whistleblower And Transparency, Tim Scott Vs. The View, SEC Sues Binance, Russiagate Deception, and Donors Nervous On Biden Age

Krystal and Saggar discuss a key Ukrainian dam exploding, Ukrainians caught aiding sabotage groups in Russia, NYT bothsides Nazi’s, Trump’s potential imminent indictment, Cornell West announces 2024 run, intel whistleblower says US has alien craft, Ryan Graves pushes for UFO transparency, SEC sues Binance, Tim Scott spars with The View hosts, Russiagate star’s deception exposed, and donors worrying about Biden’s age.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:08)Ukraine Dam Destroyed (9:38)Ukraine Backing Russian Saboteurs (16:33)Media Downplays Nazis (30:23)Imminent Trump Indictment Details (37:18) Cornel West Announces 2024 Bid (47:15)Whistleblower Says US Has Alien Crafts (1:00:07)Ryan Graves Pushes For UFO Transparency (1:05:17)SEC Sues Binance For Fraud (1:15:29)Tim Scott Spars With The View (1:57:23)Russiagate Star Deception Exposed (1:36:06)Donors Worry About Biden’s Age (1:47:12)End Of Show Read About Ryan Graves Org:

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