Man goes skydiving with a cardboard sign asking for work. His new boss responded the same way.


Man goes skydiving with a cardboard sign asking for work. His new boss responded the same way.

Times seem grim for employees. Every day seems to bring a new series of layoffs, pay cuts, strikes and…you know, the whole threat of being replaced by robots thing

Chris Serrano, a creative director who “does all his own stunts,” found himself in one of these abysmal situations after getting laid off.

However, Serrano quickly turned his luck around by thinking outside the box and leaning into his daredevil personality. On his LinkedIn, he posted a video of himself jumping out of a plane with a cardboard sign that read, “Open4Work.”

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Brazilian bricklayers playing Acapella version of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ at work is pure joy

If there is one thing Brazilians do well, it is having fun anywhere and under any circumstances, and Quarteto da Arriação is the perfect example of this. The group is winning hearts on the internet after performing a hilarious rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. As the name suggests, the group consists of four construction workers who, in the middle of construction, found some time to make covers of songs. On March 29, Quarteto da Arriação posted a video of them singing an acapella version of the iconic rock song, receiving over 25 million views on the video-sharing platform.

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Redefining comfort: Your guide to seamless athletic leggings for women

In athletic wear, a good pair of leggings can make or break your workout experience. Comfort, flexibility, and style are key factors contributing to the perfect pair, and finding ones that marry these elements seamlessly can be challenging. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a gym-goer, or someone who values comfort in their everyday attire, these seamless leggings offer something for everyone. Dive in to discover the perfect pair that will elevate your athletic wardrobe and enhance your workout routine.

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Teen who walked 6 miles to his 8th-grade graduation awarded a full-ride college scholarship

A story out of St. Louis shows how some students have to overcome many more barriers than others on their road to success. But in this student’s case, people in important positions recognized his perseverance and rewarded him in a way that could make his future less of a struggle.

According to a report from KAKE, 14-year-old Xavier Jones had no ride to his 8th-grade graduation ceremony, so he walked six miles to pick up his diploma.

“I was going to tell an adult, but my grandpa’s car was down. So I was just going to walk there,” he told KAKE.

Jones was graduating from Yeatman Middle School, but the ceremony was held at Harris-Stowe State University, a public historically-Black university in St. Louis.

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Chimp excitedly reunites with couple who cared for him when he was a baby

Many people have experienced seeing chimpanzees at a zoo or some other animal sanctuary, but they weren’t all born into captivity. Some are rescued from the wild and others are raised by humans because their mothers rejected them for one reason or another.

Limbani was one of those chimps rejected by his mother when he was born. He was born with pneumonia, and his mother rejected him early on, likely because he would’ve died or slowed her down. The laws of nature can be cruel, but when you live in the wild, it’s survival of the fittest, and having to look out for a new baby is probably already a vulnerable position for an animal to be in. Adding in a baby that is sickly is probably too much to risk.

Luckily for Limbani, he was rescued by a zoo, but it quickly became clear that the baby chimp needed care around the clock in order to survive.

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