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Do We ‘Resemble’ God?

A video version of my essay showing mistranslations in Genesis and Exodus that blur or erase our closeness to our Creator(resending with correct links)

May 29, 2023


MAY 29, 2023

Enjoy this Memorial Day presentation on video of my essay about our resemblance to God, as the original Hebrew has it in the Hebrew Bible’s Genesis, and about God’s in-person manifestation to thousands of people at once, at the foot of Mt Sinai, as the original Exodus 19-20 surprisingly (to me) recounts. (Just one spoiler alert: He may not actually have said “I am a jealous God” but rather “I am a zealous God”). This set of explorations below adds more evidence to my argument in my readings from the Hebrew Bible and the Geneva Bible in general, that subsequent translations, sects and denominations, both Jewish and Christian, whether intentionally or not, elided God’s interest in direct communion with ordinary people – and actually blurred His in-the-original likable, relatable, human-like character into being a character presented as more distant, irrational, punitive and impenetrable. The latter does not actually exist in the original text. Have four hundred years of theology damaged people’s understanding of their actual closeness to YHWH, and of His to us, in the story of the Bible itself, and has this alienation been based on numerous later distortions of the text?


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