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“‘Succession’ Director Mark Mylod on Making That ‘Slow Boil’ Finale,”

It always had to end this way. But even Mark Mylod didn’t want the Succession finale spoiled for him until he absolutely needed it to be. “If I know too much, I’m worried I’m going to start skewing that way and giving little pointers, because it’s irresistible on some level,” the director behind 16 of Succession’s 39 episodes tells Vulture’s Matt Zoller Seitz. And so, the series finale nods at a possible happy ending for the Roy siblings as they concoct a “meal fit for a king” in their mother’s Barbados kitchen — “the tragedy of hope,” as Mylod describes it — before crumbling their relationship for good at yet another board meeting from hell. Yes, the cyclical, ambiguous nature of the series was the point, the director confirms. “The tragedy, and by an odd extension, the alchemy of comedy, comes from stasis,” he says. “These four siblings can never escape the gravitational pull of their father despite their best efforts.”

—Julie Kosin, senior editor, Vulture

The Tragedy of Hope “With Open Eyes” needed to feel like “a slow boil toward that final boardroom scene,” says Succession director Mark Mylod.

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