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5/31/23: Critical Debt Vote Today, Conservatives Threaten McCarthy Ouster, China and US Pilots Near Miss, Secret Abortion Poll, Millennial Misery Ignored, Ted Cruz Defends LGBTQ, James Comey Defends FBI, Pentagon Slush Funds

Krystal and Emily discuss the critical vote on the Debt Ceiling occurring today, Conservatives threatening an ouster of McCarthy over his handling of the deal, a Chinese jet buzzes a US pilot in a Near Miss, a secret poll showing Abortion crushing Republicans in swing states, Media Elites downplay Millennial Misery, Krystal and Emily debate whether Ted Cruz is really a Gay Ally after his tweets supporting Ugandan LGBTQ, Emily looks into James Comey’s crazy defense of the corrupt FBI, and Krystal looks into DC celebrating the record Pentagon slush funds.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (1:14)CRITICAL Debt Vote Today (14:32)Conservatives THREATEN McCarthy Ouster (28:46)Watch Near Miss As Chinese Jet BUZZES US Pilot (39:55)Secret Poll Shows Abortion CRUSHING Republicans (56:09)Chris Christie Set To Announce (1:06:29)Media Elites DOWNPLAY Millennial Misery (1:17:26)Krystal and Emily Debate: Ted Cruz, Gay ICON? (1:29:39)James Comey’s CRAZY Defense Of Corrupt FBI (1:42:04)DC Celebrates RECORD Pentagon Slush Fund (1:51:32)EOS

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