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Communists rally to send Penny to the Gulag

The Lock ‘Em Up Left

Two high-profile killings, one on each coast, are inspiring social justice activists to make a surprising demand: Lock them up and throw away the key.

In New York, the accidental killing of Jordan Neely, a violent, mentally ill black man who was threatening passengers in a subway car, by a white Marine named Daniel Penny who was trying to restrain him, has led protesters to call for Penny’s head.

But not just that. The New York Times pondered whether the other subway riders who Penny was trying to protect had a “duty to intervene” to stop the guy who was trying to protect them.

Bear in mind that the passengers who have spoken to the media have called Penny a hero. “We were scared for our lives,” said one (non-white) passenger, referring not to Penny, mind you, but to Neely. Yet some protesters apparently want the passengers charged. “Arrest ‘everyone that was on that train,’ read one protester’s sign,” the Times reports.

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