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5/26/23: New Triangle UFO Over CA Base w/ Jeremy Corbell, Saagar Appears In NYT Article On WH Sneakers, New Biden 2024 Polling, UK and France Strikes

This week we discuss a new UFO spotted over a California Military base with guest Jeremy Corbell (@JeremyCorbell) from the Weaponized podcast, Saagar appearing in the New York Times being quoted for his takes on wearing Sneakers in the White House, Krystal and Emily analyze new Harris polls on Joe Biden’s chances in 2024, and Max Alvarez brings us another Art of Class Warfare segment on strikes in the UK and France.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (0:14)New Triangle UFO Over Military Base (11:17)Saagar In NYT Article On Sneakers In Oval Office (19:51)Biden Polls (27:14)Max Alvarez

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