Four injured, including two police officers, after apparent shooting and stabbing in Nagano

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Four injured, including two police officers, after apparent shooting and stabbing in Nagano
People in the area have been asked to remain indoors. According to police sources a male suspect was wearing camouflage clothing, a cap, sunglasses and …
Seven & I management wins showdown with U.S. fund over 7-Eleven strategy
ValueAct Capital, an activist hedge fund and major shareholder of Seven & I, was seeking to replace several directors including current President Ryuichi Isaka with …
LDP-Komeito clash over Tokyo candidate pick threatens broader rift
Wrangling over five new Lower House seats in Tokyo may be driving a wedge between the coalition partners.
BRICS considering large expansion as emerging economies rally to join group
The plan would increase representation from across the ‘Global South’ and provide an alternative model to the Group of Seven.
Hydrogen hype is raging but can’t lure investment to Europe
Hundreds of hydrogen projects have been floated by governments in the past years, yet only 7% of those have the financing to start construction.
Small measles outbreak in Japan raises alarm
The most recent infections appear to have happened to strangers riding the same shinkansen for less than three hours.

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Japan-China filmmaking duo captures the voices of the ignored
Ryuji Otsuka and Huang Ji bring their decade-spanning trilogy about the plights of women in modern China to a close with their award-winning film, “Stonewalling.”
Why the G7 has significance as a collective economic defense mechanism
As the G7 chair and as a country taking economic security policy measures ahead of others, Japan is in a position to take a leadership …
‘Spring in Between’: Offbeat love story offers a breath of fresh air
Hio Miyazawa brings depth and unforced commitment to his performance as an artist with Asperger’s syndrome in Rika Katsu’s debut feature.
Yokozuna Terunofuji alone in first place after Asanoyama stumbles on Day 12
The lone yokozuna finished Day 12 at Ryogoku Kokugikan alone on the top rung of the leaderboard at 11-1.
EU’s temporary protection of Ukrainians offers lessons for managing asylum
The biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II sparked a wave of solidarity, as EU states offered rights and benefits akin to their …
Hiroshima firms attract new workers and nurture young talent
Securing human resources is a regional challenge, but some companies have devised clever ways to lure young workers.

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