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Seven & I and activist fund ValueAct set for a showdown at shareholders meeting

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Seven & I and activist fund ValueAct set for a showdown at shareholders meeting
Despite making a steady recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Seven & I Holdings is facing pressure from a foreign shareholder that claims …
Japan’s political parties prepare as talk of snap election heats up
While Prime Minister Fumio Kishida may or may not call a snap election now that the G7 summit is over, that uncertainty isn’t stopping political …
Honda to power Aston Martin’s F1 title ambitions from 2026
The new “works” partnership will transform Aston Martin into Honda’s sole focus on the starting grid.
Korea space race heats up with North and South planning launches
The North is upgrading its space center to accommodate the increased demands of leader Kim Jong Un, raising alarm in Seoul.
Kyoto man arrested for allegedly poisoning aunt with thallium
Kazuki Miyamoto’s 61-year-old aunt was hospitalized due to the alleged poisoning in mid-July 2020 and remains unconscious.
Japan considering ¥10,000 monthly benefit for high-school age children
The expansion of the child benefits program is a key policy of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, aiming to stop the country’s birthrate from declining further.

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Disaster deaths decline but damage rises on hotter planet
While deaths caused by disasters have decreased thanks to early warning systems, economic losses from extreme weather events turbo-charged by global warming have skyrocketed.
Yet another bad week for abortion rights in America
Judges on the U.S. 5th Circuit appeared worryingly comfortable challenging the expertise of FDA scientists.
World Athletics to create new ‘short track’ concept to evolve indoor events
The new term will allow for greater flexibility, as it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the traditional separation between outdoor and indoor athletics.
More restaurants in Okinawa join program offering free meals for children
As of the end of April, a total of 161 stores, including restaurants and a major local supermarket chain, were taking part in the program.
In West Africa, a ‘bokashi revolution’ takes root
A Japanese fermentation-based fertilization method is helping the region’s farmers cope with the effects of the war in Ukraine.

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