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5/24/23: DeSantis Launches Tonight w/ Elon On Twitter, Debt Bomb Looms, Bankruptcies Spike, TikTok Montana Ban, Fox News Woke Debate, Workers Vs Amazon, Meta Record Fines, Kissinger Revealed

Krystal and Emily discuss DeSantis planning to launch his campaign this evening in a Twitter Spaces conversation with Elon Musk, the debt ceiling conversation “Nowhere near a deal”, Bankruptcies spiking in America, Montana banning TikTok in their state, Emily and Krystal debate if Fox News has gone woke with the pronoun rules in their New York office, Krystal looks into workers using “Choke Point Organizing” to make Amazon pay, Emily looks into how Meta was hit with a record fine over data privacy, and we’re joined by guest Nick Turse (@nickturse) to talk about his piece in The Intercept on Henry Kissinger’s Secret War in Cambodia. Nick Turse’s piece:…

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (1:51)DeSantis to Launch Campaign with ELON on Twitter (17:12)”Nowhere Near A Deal” Debt Bomb LOOMS (38:42)Bankruptcies SPIKE As Americans REJECT Biden’s Economy (49:05)TikTok Goes To WAR With Montana Over Ban (1:00:04)Fox News Goes WOKE: Krystal And Emily Debate (1:14:45)Workers Make Amazon PAY With Choke Point Organizing (1:24:06)Meta Hit With RECORD Fine Over Data Privacy (1:35:46)Kissinger’s ATROCITIES Enabled War On Terror (1:48:50)EOS

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