Kishida more likely to call election as Zelenskyy’s G7 visit boosts support

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Kishida more likely to call election as Zelenskyy’s G7 visit boosts support
Two polls carried out by newspapers during the two days the Ukrainian leader was in Japan both showed Kishida’s support rate surging upward by 9 …
LDP approves plan to expand scope of skilled worker visa
Under the plan, the government will increase the number of sectors able to grant foreign workers a special status that effectively grants them permanent residency.
G7 unlikely to sway ‘Global South’ to switch camps, ex-U.N. official says
“(The U.S.) is gradually realizing how difficult it is to isolate China,” said former Security Council President Kishore Mahbubani.
The Pentagon is helping bring the next generation of nuclear reactors to life
At less than 1% the size of conventional reactors, it can be delivered by shipping container to power remote bases and disaster-relief missions.
Japan seeking 2032-33 nonpermanent membership of U.N. Security Council
In January this year, the country began its current stint as a nonpermanent member of the 15-member council, a post it has served a record …
Russia pressuring India and others amid financial crackdown push over Ukraine
The Kremlin is said to be threatening to upend defense and energy deals unless partners help block expected moves aimed at financially isolating it over …

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EU’s temporary protection of Ukrainians offers lessons for managing asylum
The biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II sparked a wave of solidarity, as EU states offered rights and benefits akin to their …
Bakhmut falls but is it really a Russian victory?
The 200-plus day siege of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut may be over but what comes next isn’t exactly to Moscow’s benefit.
UFC eager to bring Japan back inside the octagon
The mixed martial arts promotion sees potential in the country, which was once considered among the sport’s biggest global hubs.
Meisei beats Terunofuji to move into tie for lead at Summer Grand Sumo Tournament
“I don’t remember much,” Meisei said. “The yokozuna is big, and attacking him from the side was something I had in mind.

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