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5/23/23: Ukraine Attacks Russian City Belgorod, Dems Kick Themselves On Debt Ceiling, Polls On Tougher Migrant Policies, Trump Cheers Tim Scott 2024, Uber Chief Cancelled, Biden Ships 3 Billion to Ukraine, History of Failed Debt Negotiations, FBI Infiltrates Anti Mandate

Saagar and Ryan discuss Ukraine backed forces attacking the Russian city of Belgorod, Biden’s plans to turn Ukraine into Israel, Democrats kick themselves for not acting when they could on the debt ceiling debacle, a poll showing majority of Americans want “Tougher” Migrant Policy, Saagar and Ryan debate Desantis’ immigration crackdown as Florida construction sites are empty, Trump cheers on Tim Scott’s entrance to the 2024 race, Glenn Youngkin considers running in 2024 after seeing weak DeSantis, the Diversity Chief at Uber is put on leave after her “Don’t Call Me Karen” seminars, Saagar looks into Biden illegally shipping 3 billion dollars to Ukraine, Ryan looks into Biden’s history of failed debt negotiations, and we’re joined by guest Lee Fang (@lhfang) to talk about his recent piece on how the FBI infiltrated activists groups like Anti Vax Mandate and others. Lee Fang’s article (…)

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (03:18)Ukraine Backed Forces ATTACK Russian City Of Belgorod (11:50)Biden’s Plan: Turn Ukraine Into ISRAEL (21:15)Dems KICK THEMSELVES For Debt Ceiling Debacle (34:57)POLL: MAJORITY Want ‘TOUGHER’ Migrant Policy (40:19)Florida Construction Sites EMPTY, Is It Worth It? (49:50)Trump CHEERS Tim Scott Entrance In 2024 Race (57:27)Glenn Youngkin Sees WEAK DeSantis (1:02:27)Uber Diversity Chief CANCELED For ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’ Sessions (1:14:34)Biden ILLEGALLY Ships 3 Billion To Ukraine (1:24:23)Biden’s HISTORY Of FAILED Debt Negotiations (1:33:43)FBI INFILTRATED Anti-Mandate Protestors (1:47:57)EOS

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