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Mysterious Lego Bandit case

May 22, 2023
Hello, Insiders. This is Hallam Bullock, an editor on Insider’s audience team. Today, we’re exploring the mysterious case of the Lego Bandit.


When a popular Lego YouTuber found his front door smashed in, he soon discovered that his most cherished creations were gone — and he had no idea why. Yes, there’s big money in little bricks, but the Bandit’s motive was still unclear: Was it an act of vengeance? Or even an inside job? One thing is for certain, it’s today’s big story.


In today’s edition:

— Hallam Bullock


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Epstein, Meta, & US Navy

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  • The US Navy has its eyes on a new submarine base in western Australia. The location would help the US keep track of China’s growing undersea fleet. The full story.

The Lego Bandit

Mojo Wang for Insider


“It was like a horror movie, but for Lego.” 

That’s how Louis — a popular YouTuber who builds Legos for his devoted audience under the name Republicattak — described the scene when he came home to find his front door smashed and chunks of his most beloved Lego builds scattered outside.

Over the years, Louis had collected more than 300 Lego sets worth over $20,000, many of them from the Star Wars series. Now, he found whole models missing and mint-condition boxes ransacked.

“Who could have done this?” Louis wondered. The police were stumped, but one name immediately leapt to Louis’ mind: Victor.

Victor was one of the most popular Lego Star Wars YouTubers in France. He was also Louis’ childhood friend. Months went by, but still the case remained unsolved and Louis’ suspicions about his once-close friend kept growing. “This had to be about vengeance,” one of Louis’ friends told Insider.


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Job hunting, ‘Succession,’ & more

Tyler Le/Insider


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