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5/22/23: Debt Talks COLLAPSE, Biden Caves On F16 Jets For Ukraine, DeSantis Secret Donor Call, Tim Scott and Chris Christie Set To Announce, Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates, Pelosi Hides Feinstein Sickness, Used Car Prices, Migrant Hoax

Krystal and Saagar discuss the details of the Debt Talks collapsing as default looks likely, Biden caves on sending F16 Fighter Jets to aid Ukraine, the Media lies about Ukraine’s defeat in Bakhmut, DeSantis trashes Trump in Secret Donor Call, is 2016 repeating itself as Tim Scott and Chris Christie are set to announce presidential runs, Epstein blackmailed Bill Gates over an affair with a bridge player, the Pelosi family helping hide Feinstein’s brain inflammations to aid their own political goals in California, Saagar looks into Used Car prices bankrupting the Middle Class, and Krystal looks into how Fox News got tricked by a migrant homeless hoax.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (02:29)Debt Talks COLLAPSE (18:32)Biden CAVES On Fighter Jets For Zelensky (29:06)Media Lies About Ukraine Defeat In Bakhmut (37:02)DeSantis TRASHES Trump In Secret Donor Call (45:46)2016 AGAIN?: Tim Scott, Chris Christie (54:40)Epstein BLACKMAILED Bill Gates Over Affair (1:03:16)Pelosi Helps Feinstein HIDE Brain Inflammation (1:09:54)Used Cars Prices BANKRUPTING Middle Class (1:18:56)Fox News TRICKED by Migrant Homeless Hoax (1:30:56)EOS

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