MidEast Balance of Power Shifting, Pax Americana in Last Phase of Decline

Kevork Almassian: MidEast Balance of Power Shifting, Pax Americana in Last Phase of Decline

Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis discusses the true story behind the Syrian conflict and the war on Damascus which includes a New Middle East divided along sectarian lines. Despite being welcomed back into the Arab League, Syria remains in a weak position, though there’s a good chance Turkey will pull out of the country after elections which should lead to eventual U.S. withdrawal. The balance of power in the Middle East is clearly shifting. American Empire is in its last phase of decline. There is no democracy in the West, if you challenge the system, they throw you in invisible economic jail, you’re done. Telling the truth is important, keep speaking out.

ANALYSIS: Will Right-Wing Populist Party AFD Make Major Splash in German Politics?

Instead of functioning as another NATO satrapy that toes the Atlanticist line, Germany could perhaps follow in the footsteps of Hungary, a country that employs a multi-vector foreign policy of courting all prominent actors in the West and Eurasia.

ANALYSIS: What Awaits Russia if Kilicdaroglu Comes to Power?

Russia is unlikely to change its current political course regarding Turkey even if the opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu comes to power.

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