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The future according to Cathie Wood

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May 20, 2023



This past week was a big one at Fortune. We closed our 69th annual Fortune 500 issue (which will be hitting your homes and newsstands in the next few weeks) and also concluded our Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference in San Diego.


A range of industry leaders were on site, from actress and Pattern founder Tracee Ellis Ross to Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy to LTK cofounder and president Amber Venz Box.


ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood and I had a 20-minute fireside chat about the future of tech and how A.I. will disrupt everything over the next few years, as well as the ultravolatile performance of her funds.


Whether you’re long or short on her controversial investing style, Wood fancies herself the closest thing to a venture capitalist firm on the publicly traded markets. Learning her view of the world—of which she speaks from a point of total conviction—is fascinating.


Our conversation ranged from what will happen to Big Tech companies like Google in five to 10 years (“it depends”) to Bitcoin (“headed to the moon”) to why she thinks Tesla is the “best A.I. bet of all”—with or without Elon Musk at its helm.


I also asked her how she squares the fact that so many retail investors would follow her off a cliff—as many have done the past few years—knowing that predicting the future is very hard, and that her big company bets may not wind up being right.


Wood noted that she does “take to heart people who have lost money.” But if those people really believe in her strategy, maybe they should buy the Cathie Wood dip:


“If they liked us at a certain price level, and we are half that now and they really are keeping up with our research, the best way, over time, to overcome what has just happened is to average it and be right.”


And, she concluded, she does believe her research is right.


Check out the whole interview and Cathie Wood’s view of the future below.

Why Cathie Wood is betting big on Bitcoin, Tesla, and the future of A.I.


MAY 20, 2023

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