Anarchism Through History with Brandon Martin

A True Anarchist is one who refuses to make violent claims of ownership over another living beings property and refuses to support those who are willing to perform violent acts in order to make claims of ownership over another living beings property. The understanding of Natural Law and Objective Morality, alongside remaining responsible for what are our Free Will choices and seeking the abolition of any and all ruling classes; these are the modern day praxes of any True Anarchist. Has this always been the case? Just what has the modern day True Anarchist learned from the past? What did the progenitors of this philosophy get correct? What did they get wrong? This and more on this edition of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Truth!


On this edition of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Truth, we are joined by Brandon Martin. In his own words Brandon describes himself- “I’m an Independent Researcher, Symbolist, Alchemist, Philosopher, De-Occultist, Public Speaker, Founder of the SEED Truth Academy, S.E.E.D Conference, Co-Host of the Cubbywhole Podcast, with experience in Live speaking, Graphics Design and Event Organization. I am an activist for Natural Law, Freemasonry, and the Mystery Traditions. I am working on a few Books, and many Essays that pertain to critical topics for the betterment of the species. I have the goal of creating an evolutionary shift into a Moral society through raising Consciousness at the aggregate level. Through my presentations videos, Podcast, and Essays I attempt to take people on an inward journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way these things pertain to the Universal problems which we all currently facing as a species. ” Find more from Brandon at Find James’ work here:⁠⁠ please donate to James here:⁠

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