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Fentanyl will win the war on drugs

Instead of a hopeless struggle against supply, the U.S. must focus on reducing demand

So let’s say the U.S. labels Mexican drug cartels terrorist organizations, like so many Republicans are demanding. Let’s say it deploys “cyber warfare” and missile strikes against its kingpins, declares war against the cartels and sends troops across the border, whether the Mexican government agrees or not. Then what?

Here’s what: Fentanyl keeps killing Americans; in 2023 more than in 2022; in 2024 more than in 2023. You can follow the trend.

The war on drugs has always been, at best, a pointless approach to the nation’s epidemic of substance abuse. More likely, it has exacerbated the crisis, pushing traffickers into more powerful and lucrative, narcotics with which to lure vulnerable Americans into addiction.


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