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The Pandemic Isn’t Over. Here’s How to Stay Safe

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You’re Probably Underestimating AI Chatbots

Steven Levy

Just as the first iPhone reviews mostly missed the device’s huge potential, it’s folly to draw conclusions from today’s unrefined technology.


With ‘Silo,’ Apple TV+ Strikes Prestige Sci-Fi Gold

Kate Knibbs

The long-gestating adaptation of Hugh Howey’s book series was worth the wait.


The Pandemic Isn’t Over. Here’s How to Stay Safe

David Cox

Even though the CDC and WHO are downgrading Covid-19, it’s still killing people. Here’s what you should know heading into this new phase.


Doug Rushkoff Is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution

Malcolm Harris

The former techno-optimist has taken a decisive political left turn. He says it’s the only human option.


CNET Published AI-Generated Stories. Then Its Staff Pushed Back

Caitlin Harrington

Like Hollywood’s striking screenwriters, the outlet’s employees want protections against potentially job-killing automation.


A New Study Reveals the Traits That Speed Up Evolution

Yasemin Saplakoglu

The first large-scale comparison of DNA mutation rates in 68 different vertebrate species gives insights into how quickly life can evolve.



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