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5/18/23: Biden Humiliated In Debt Ceiling Fight, Chomsky Caught In Epstein Money Transfer, Housing Market Record Low Confidence, Prince Harry and Meghan’s “Car Chase”, Tucker Replacement, Public Housing Surveillance, Pat McAffee ESPN Deal, DeSantis Set To Launch

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden’s humiliation in the Debt Ceiling fight, Doomsday scenarios if US defaults on Debt, Noam Chomsky caught in Epstein money transfers, the Housing Market his a Record Low Confidence, Youth Depression skyrockets post pandemic, the NYPD calls out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claims that they were pursued by paparazzi in a 2 hour car chase through Manhattan, the Drudge Report saying Sean Hannity is being tapped to replace Tucker’s primetime hour slot, Krystal looks into surveillance being weaponized against poor people in public housing, Saagar looks into Pat McAffee’s ESPN Deal to put his internet show on TV, and we’re joined in studio by Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) from Semafor to discuss her recent reporting on the Trump and DeSantis campaigns in Iowa and when DeSantis might be announcing. Shelby’s recent reporting (…)

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:33)Biden HUMILIATED In Debt Ceiling Fight (21:46)EXPLAINED: DOOMSDAY Scenarios If US Defaults On Debt (30:24)Noam Chomsky CAUGHT In Epstein Money Transfers (39:13)Housing Market RECORD LOW Confidence (47:59)Youth Depression SKYROCKETS Post Pandemic (54:54)NPYD CALLS OUT Harry And Meghan ‘Car Chase’ Claims (1:03:24)DRUDGE: HANNITY To Replace Tucker On Fox (1:10:39) Krystal on Surveillance WEAPONIZED For Public Housing (1:17:53)Pat McAffee ESPN Deal CHANGES EVERYTHING (1:25:27)DeSantis Set To Launch WITHIN DAYS (1:38:00)EOS

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