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5/17/23: Top AI CEO Warns Congress UNCONTROLLABLE Tech, John Fetterman Speaks On Debt Ceiling, Kentucky and Pennsylvania Elections, Rudy Giuliani Sexual Harrasment, Elon Subpoenaed In Epstein Lawsuit, Turkey Elections, Durham Report, Pentagon Propaganda Office with Ken Klippenstein

Ryan and Emily discuss a top AI CEO warning Congress that the technology is uncontrollable, John Fetterman speaks on the Debt Ceiling, Ryan and Emily go deep on Kentucky, Pennsylvania elections, Rudy Giuliani is accused of sexual harassment of a former employee, Elon Musk is Subpoenaed in the Epstein lawsuit, Ryan looks at Turkey’s Erdogan arresting election overseers, and Emily looks into Durham Report and its Russia Gate legacy, and guest Ken Klippenstein joins the show to talk about his new piece on the Pentagon’s new “Perception Management” office to counter disinformation. Ken’s article:…

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (1:29)Top AI CEO WARNS Congress Of UNCONTROLLABLE Tech (16:49) John Fetterman Debt Ceiling (28:33)Kentucky/Pennsylvania Elections (39:07)Rudy Giuliani Sexual Harassments Allegations (45:43)Elon Musk Subpoenaed in Epstein Lawsuit (57:33)Ryan on Turkey’s Erdogan Jailing Election Oversight (1:08:32)Emily on Durham Report (1:27:40)Ken on Pentagon’s New Propaganda Office (1:39:38)EOS

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