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Here Comes a Summer of Big, Big Movies

What will be the biggest movie of the summer? In the afterglow of last year’s Top Gun: Maverick, another Tom Cruise win at the box office is not unlikely. But that movie’s astounding success, and the enduring appeal of a fighter pilot named Pete Mitchell, was hardly universally expected. (Did you predict it would go on to get an Oscar nomination?) In reality, anything could happen this season, when a Greta Gerwig film based on Mattel IP is squaring off against Christopher Nolan’s latest pyrotechnics experiment. Maybe the studio comedy starring a dog will fight to live another day at the theater. Maybe a smaller A24 project will once again have legs. Maybe Fast X will be the franchise that makes $1 billion. Or maybe Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt will prove the Cruise brand has become too big to fail. It’s anyone’s guess, and the Vulture movies team is making ours early.

— Katherine Brooks, deputy editor, Vulture

Here Come Fast X, Tom Cruise, and a Summer of Big, Big Movies Which will be the biggest? In a post-Maverick glow, anything is possible.

Photo: Johannes Arlt/laif/Redux

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