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5/15/23 FULL UNCUT SHOW: DeSantis Owns Trump In Iowa, Elon Bows To Turkey Censorhip, Zelensky Plots NATO Bombing, Feinstein Staff Covered Up Years, Jon Stewart Shreds CNN Townhall, MSNBC Shook, CNN Reporters In Tears

Krystal and Saagar discuss DeSantis’s recent trip to Iowa, the DeSantis team reveals their plan to win, Elon bows to censorship demands of Erdogan’s Turkey, Elon fans revolt over new Twitter CEO, Leaked documents show Zelensky plotted a NATO pipeline bombing, Germany applauded for sending 3 Billion dollars to Ukraine, the Dianne Feinstein Staff caught covering up her dementia for years, Jon Stewart shreds CNN for “rigging” Trump Townhall, Krystal looks into an MSNBC clip when guest Julian Castro says Biden should participate in debates, and Saagar looks at the CNN reporters in tears over the Trump Townhall.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (2:30)DeSantis OWNS Trump In Iowa (13:46)DeSantis Team REVEALS Plan To Win (22:44)Elon BOWS To Censorship Demands In Turkey (34:33)Elon Fans REVOLT Over New Twitter CEO (44:32)LEAKED DOCS: Zelensky Plots NATO Pipeline Bombing (59:07)Germany APPLAUDED For Measly 3 Billion To Ukraine (1:04:35)Feinstein Staff COVERED UP Dementia For Years (1:13:26)Jon Stewart SHREDS CNN For Rigging Trump Town Hall (1:23:05)MSNBC SHOOK When Guest Says Biden Should Debate (1:33:47)CNN Reporters IN TEARS Over Trump Town Hall (1:44:41)EOS

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