LDP moves toward giving LGBTQ bill OK after concessions to conservatives

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LDP moves toward giving LGBTQ bill OK after concessions to conservatives
The LDP’s current proposal — a watered-down version of an initial cross-party bill — will now be presented to Komeito, the junior partner of the …
Transfer of Russian assets in focus at G7 finance ministers meeting
Legal complexities and domestic restrictions are making it difficult to transfer seized assets to Ukraine to aid its reconstruction.
Robbery incidents in Singapore Strait grow in number but not severity, anti-piracy group says
Of the 84 incidents at sea reported in Asia last year, 55, or 65%, took place in the Singapore Strait, up from 49 the previous …
From Taiwan to supply chains: China topics to watch at the G7
Engagement with Beijing is set to loom large at the upcoming summit in Hiroshima, which will be held from May 19 to 21.
CDP’s Kenta Izumi vows to resign if party fails to win 150 seats
Izumi also expressed readiness to end his party’s cooperation with Nippon Ishin no Kai.
Toshiba posts 35% decline in full-year net profit
The firm has said a planned takeover bid that is expected to take the company private will likely start in late July.

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Are there cultural differences when it comes to men crying in public? In Japan, sometimes tears can even get you out of trouble.
‘Zelda holiday’: Tears of the Kingdom is a blitz of merch and exploration
The latest entry to the venerable Zelda franchise has bigger shoes to fill than any game in the series before it.
The ‘Black Ships’ of anime: Streaming giants are in a battle for supremacy
Services like Netflix are coming into the anime-merchandising complex and shaking things up by focusing on productions that cater to niche fans.
Lions remove Hotaka Yamakawa from active roster after sexual assault allegations
The infielder’s removal from the roster was “a comprehensive decision” in which his “condition” was also considered, the Lions said.
Four teens arrested after robbery at luxury watch shop in Ginza
The assailants forced their way into the shop and threatened the clerk with a knife before fleeing with merchandise.
Yu Yamauchi gets very comfortable in isolation
The photographer, whose exhibition “Jinen” is on display at this year’s Kyotographie photo festival, gets in touch with himself and the world with long, lonely …
Motegi attempts to raise profile in possible challenge to Kishida
The powerful LDP Secretary-General, however, is not seen as a favorable choice for prime minister by many in Japan.

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