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5/8/23: Saagar’s Cameo In Trump Deposition, Biden Losing in Trump Head to Head, Proud Boys Conviction, How NYC Failed Jordan Neely, Hunter Biden Criminal Charging, Tucker Declares War on Fox, American Life 50 Years Ago, Dem MegaDonor on AOC

Saagar and Ryan discuss Krystal and Kyle’s wedding over the weekend, Saagar’s name making a cameo in Trump’s recent deposition on E Jean Caroll, new polls show Biden losing in a head to head with Trump, Symone Sanders declares on MSNBC there will be no debates in Dem primary, the troubling precedent coming from the Proud Boys conviction, how New York City’s mental health services failed Jordan Neely, decisions around charging Hunter Biden as a criminal, an FBI whistleblower saying Biden guilty bribery, Saagar looks into how American Life was better 50 years ago, and Ryan looks into his recent interview with Democrat MegaDonor that claims AOC is no threat to the establishment.

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(0:00)Intro (0:36)Krystal’s Wedding (2:33)Saagar Appears in Trump Deposition (11:06)SHOCK POLL: Biden LOSING To Trump Head To Head (23:40)MSNBC BRAGS: NO DEBATES In Dem Primary (29:20)TROUBLING Precedent Of Proud Boys Conviction (44:57)How NYC FAILED On Jordan Neely Case (1:00:55)Hunter Biden Criminal Charging Decision Imminent (1:09:31)FBI Whistleblower Says Biden GUILTY Of Bribery (1:14:02)Tucker Declares WAR On Fox News With Megyn Kelly Backing (1:20:34)Saagar on Americans Say Life Better 50 Years AGO (1:30:44)Ryan on Dem Establishment Says AOC NO THREAT (1:41:41)EoS

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