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Michigan seventh grader steers school bus to safety when the driver loses consciousness


Airbnb host has world riveted over stolen painting that was replaced inside her own home

It should go without saying that it’s not cool to steal from your Airbnb. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen.

However, when one Airbnb host recently discovered a guest had—for some strange reason—stolen one of her paintings, then replaced it with a completely different painting, she decided to make the best out of a very uncool situation by sharing the story on TikTok.

As a result, viewers got to witness an continuously unraveling, truly bizarre modern-day art heist.

Okay, let’s get into it.

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Teen makes iconic ‘goth’ entrance in a coffin at school prom red carpet: ‘Ate and left no crumbs’

Making a memorable entrance to prom is often considered one of the most important parts of graduation season. A video of a teen is going viral for her special and, yes, slightly grisly prom entrance. The clip was uploaded by a girl named Bri, who goes by @tysgirlfriend on TikTok, and it shows a black funeral hearse pulling up to an average American high school. The car stops just before the red carpet leading up to the school’s front entrance.

Upon arriving at the destination, two “pallbearers” and two other men in suits, one of whom is Bri’s boyfriend, Ty, emerge from the hearse. The men then open the back of the hearse and take out a coffin, as expected during a traditional burial. However, instead of carrying it to a grave site, they place it on the pavement, open it and help the person inside, who is alive and well, out of the coffin. Bri, dressed in a dark, Goth-inspired prom dress, emerges confidently and walks with Ty on the red carpet into the prom, as if it were a routine occurrence.

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Michigan seventh grader steers school bus to safety when the driver loses consciousness

People often think they know how they would react in an emergency situation, especially after details emerge on how someone else handled it. It’s easy to say, “Oh, I would’ve just done this,” but in reality, most people have no idea what they would do in an emergency, especially if they aren’t trained. We hope we would respond appropriately while simultaneously hoping we never have to find out.

One seventh grader found out exactly what his reaction to an emergency situation would be when his bus driver lost consciousness while driving a bus full of children. Dillon Reeves was riding the bus when he noticed his bus driver’s body go limp and her hand fall off the steering wheel. Just a few minutes before, the bus driver appeared to be hot and was fanning herself with her hat before alerting the station that she wasn’t feeling well over the handheld radio.

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Writer lives in vacation rentals and Airbnbs because it’s cheaper than rent or a mortgage

Can you imagine living life as a digital nomad? You have a job, but your office changes month to month. You spend a few weeks at a ski resort and then a month on the beach. In between, you make a stop in Europe to visit the Christmas markets. It sounds like a millionaire’s fantasy, right?

Not according to Michelle Joy, 35, a travel writer based in Houston, Texas. She recently explained to Business Insider how she cracked the code on how to stay in vacation rentals and Airbnbs long-term while making it cost less than the $1,800 a month she was spending on a mortgage payment, taxes and utilities.

Joy is the founder of Harbors and Heavens, a blog that documents her travels, inspires “others to see more of the world,” and shares tips and tricks on how to do so affordably.

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Gen X couple share a delightfully cheesy rap song welcoming millennials into their 40s

It is pretty wild to consider that Millennials are now entering their 40s and no longer hold the mantle of the young and up-and-coming generation. According to Pew ResearchMillennials were born between 1981 and 1996, so these days they range between the ages of 29 and 42.

These are the years when people begin to settle down, start families and experience the first uncomfortable signs of aging.

The Holderness Family is headed by a Gen X couple, Kim and Penn Holderness, who are best known for their viral comedy songs. Their latest video is about welcoming Millennials to their next phase in life, one that’s less about spending all night in the club and more about embracing a quieter, more practical life.

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