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What Is Your Endgame?

Apr 28, 2023

When I shifted away from the previous philosophy I preached, the most difficult pill for me to swallow was that the vast majority of people did not share my political and cultural goals. It made me realize that people do not want liberty, freedom, or whatever term is usually in bold on a bumper sticker with a red, white, and blue background. This was my biggest takeaway after witnessing the majority of people docilely accept state and local governments telling them they couldn’t go to work, leave their houses to take their children to the park, or, more crucially for me, attend church. Then there are the people who, willingly or under duress, allowed a needle to be stuck in their arm.

Then came the 2020 “Summer of Love.” I watched American cities set ablaze and at least 35 of my fellow Americans murdered in the streets by “my fellow Americans.” If that wasn’t enough, I witnessed many of the people who preached the same philosophy I did CONTINUE to march in the streets side by side with activists who refused to denounce the riots and murders even if they weren’t directly involved. While some of my colleagues were supporting what, for those of us who know history, looked to be a radical-leftist revolutionary movement, I was questioning everything I believed when it came to my political philosophy.

I made the conscious choice to step out of my ideological box and ask myself, “What do I see as an endgame politically that will satisfy my understanding of order?” Because I was so ideologically possessed, it took months—and turbulence in my personal life—for me to realize the answer to my question was in the question itself: I wanted order.

Once I realized that order was most important to me, the next step was to discover a way to bring it about. As I’ve written here before, order starts at home. I began the process of getting my personal life in order. And believe me, I made some missteps along the way. But I eventually arrived at a place where I could wake up in the morning and know that I had done my best to make sure that chaos wouldn’t creep into my life (at least by my hand). And that is a wonderful feeling. One that cannot be felt if your life is currently in chaos.

Then I began to think about what order would look like in a political polity. I’ve written thousands of words here about the kind of political order I would like to see established (and spoken more than that on my and other podcasts), so I won’t go into detail here.

As I’ve surveyed the age in which we live, I’ve come to understand that the dominant feature of this era is chaos. I don’t think that needs to be explained as one need only turn on the TV (if you still have one) and look at the commercials. My purpose is to get you thinking about what your endgame is when it comes to how you view the world, and that starts between your ears and inside the walls of your own home. It takes planning; and in many cases, it may cause temporary pain and discomfort. But it is what must be done if order is your endgame. The opposite of order is chaos. Even if you don’t feel chaos in your life now, if you have not achieved the level of order you desire, chaos is knocking on the door.

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