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San Francisco Mayor London Breed on the City’s Troubles—and Hopes

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Have a Nice Future

Each week, WIRED editor in chief Gideon Lichfield and senior writer Lauren Goode will speak with the top technologists, thinkers, and creators shaping this future we’re racing into. We’ll ask each guest—and ourselves—the same question: Is this the future we want? And if not, where do we go from here?

Gideon Lichfield, Global Editorial Director

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Lauren Goode, Senior Writer

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Ep 3 | Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse
Noah Raford Can Help You Prepare for a Not-So-Nice Future
We spoke with a futurist to understand the difference between predicting what’s coming down the pike and being ready for it emotionally.
Ep 2 | A Mortgage For Your Sandwich
Max Levchin on How AI Will—and Won’t—Shape the Way You Pay
We sat down with the CEO of Affirm to talk about the “buy now, pay later” model and just what makes him an “unabashed techno-utopian.”
Ep 1 | The Troubled City by the Bay
San Francisco Mayor London Breed on the City’s Troubles—and Hopes
We sat down with the leader of the storied city that WIRED calls home.



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