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The Lighthouse: Bragg vs. Trump | Aspirin is the Answer | Small Change | A Better China Policy

April 25, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
Bragg vs. Trump. Ban TikTok? FBI Spying on Catholics?

“Nobody is above the law.” That’s a proper American sentiment. How does New York’s indictment against Donald Trump measure up? On another front, should Congress ban TikTok? And what are we to make of the revelation that an FBI field office envisioned creating a spy network within Catholic churches? WATCH »

Why Are There Drug Shortages?

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

Of aspirin, which is unregulated, there is no end. Care to guess why other drugs in America are in short supply? READ MORE »

Small Change: Let’s Put Pennies and Nickels to Rest

Art Carden (AIER)

In America, we spend almost two cents to make a penny and as much as eight cents to make a nickel. Plainly, the government should be given more power READ MORE »
Watch: Why the Penny Should Be Abolished:
Robert Whaples on “The Why,” January 11, 2023

We Need a Better China Policy. Banning TikTok Isn’t It.

Ivan Eland (Responsible Statecraft)

Banning TikTok is not only a bad idea but, given what’s mostly on there (teenagers cutting a rug), also a downright ridiculous one—and it would likely violate the First Amendment. It wouldn’t make Taiwan safer, either. So why is permanent Washington for it? READ MORE »

In Search of Monsters to Destroy

The Folly of American Empire
and the Paths to Peace

By Christopher J. Coyne

‘Make America California’ Is a Bad Idea

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has embarked on a “Make America California Tour,” and, according to the polls, large majorities of the nation’s voters approve some of the governor’s newest laws. But voters might want to check out the details. READ MORE »
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