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4/26/23: Biden Threatens Veto On GOP Debt Plan, Trump Snubs GOP Debates, Bernie Endorses Biden, Harlan Crow’s Secret Tax Haven, Tucker Employee Speaks Out, Fauci Rewrites History On Lockdowns, UN Harvard Censorship, Susan Rice Resigns Biden Domestic Policy

Ryan and Emily discuss the debt standoff and Biden threatening to veto the GOP debt plan, Trump claims he might not attend the GOP debates, Bernie endorses Biden for 2024, the billionaire with ties to SCOTUS Clarence Thomas is exposed for his Island Tax Haven, a former employee at FOX News unloads on Tucker and the work environment in MSNBC interview, Dr. Fauci gives new interview where he attempts to downplay his past calls for lockdowns during the pandemic, how the UN and Harvard partnered on creating social media censorship, and Susan Rice resigns as Biden’s Domestic Policy Chief.

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Timestamps (0:00)Intro (01:12)Biden Threatens Veto GOP Debt Plan (12:05)Trump Considers No Debates/Bernie Endorses Biden (25:19) Harlan Crow Island Tax Haven (36:23)Tucker Employee UNLOADS on MSNBC (47:31)Dr Fauci Rewrites History on Shutdowns (59:44)UN Harvard Censorship Partnership (1:09:44)Susan Rice Resigns Biden Domestic Policy Chief

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