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4/24/23: 70% Say No As Biden Announces 2024, Republicans Back Trump Post Indictment, SCOTUS Keeps Abortion Pill, Chaos As Elon Strips Blue Checks, Buzzfeed News Collapses, Biden Censor Marianne Tik Tok, Biden Taxes High Credit Scores

Krystal and Saagar discuss 70% of Americans say No to Biden as he’s set to announce his 2024 campaign, polls saying Americans don’t want Trump or Biden, Republicans overwhelmingly back Trump post-indictment, Desantis losing it over Trump criticism, SCOTUS decides to keep Abortion Pill for now, Trump scrambles to defend his Abortion record, chaos ensues as Elon strips accounts of their Blue Checkmarks, BuzzFeed News collapses amid layoffs, Krystal looks into the Biden admin censoring Marianne Williamson on Tik Tok, and Saagar looks into Biden taxing High Credit score Homebuyers to prop up minority mortgages.

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Timestamps: (0:00)-Intro (03:16)-70% Say NO As Biden Set To Announce 2024 (16:30)-JUMP BALL: American’s Don’t Want Biden OR Trump (23:03)-Republicans OVERWHELMINGLY Back Trump Post-Indictment (30:35)-DeSantis LOSES IT Over Trump Criticism (44:46)-SCOTUS KEEPS Abortion Pill FOR NOW (51:33)-Trump SCRAMBLES To Defend Abortion Record (1:01:04)-CHAOS As Elon STRIPS Blue Checks (1:14:37)-Buzzfeed News COLLAPSES Amid Layoffs (1:25:27)-Biden CENSORS Marianne on TikTok (1:37:16)-Biden TAXES High Credit Score Homebuyers To Prop Up Minority Mortgages

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