Anarchist geography

L’Homme et la Terre: “Humanity is nature becoming self-conscious.” (a well known image from the world of Reclus)

Topic of the Week – Outside of the core tenet of anarchist make total destroy and the everyday smashy praxis of newspaper boxes in the streets; the most beautiful idea also finds itself sailing across the vast ocean of time and space, which encompasses so much more, like for example – geography. Tim Cresswell, a British geographer and poet has argued that, “anarchism may be the only major political movement that can claim to have geography and the ideas of geographers right at its center.” Notably Peter Kropotkin and Élisée Reclus were two well-known anarchists who found themselves to be in the field of geography. This week we’re discussing anarchist geography and everything that it touches.

What is your anarchist relationship to geography? Who are your favorite anarchist geographers? How are they doing it well and where is there room for improvement? How do you apply geography in an anarchist way in your life? What annoys you the most about the topic of anarchist geography? Has the impending doom scroll of climate chaos impacted your anarchist geography, or is it too soon to move somewhere with long term fresh water and “good” weather?

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