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4/21/23: Record Number Of Americans Identify “Independent”, Amazon Postpones HQ2 In VA, Gen Z Says No Future In America, Drone Operator Theater Play, Insane Zoom Call From Millionaire Exec, Proof Every President Is Criminal, Failed Netflix LiveStream

In this episode we cover a Record number of Americans now identifying as “politically independent”, Amazon postpones it’s new HQ2 project in Virginia after receiving massive taxpayer subsidies, interviews from our partner Jordan Chariton show Generation Z kids feeling bleak about their futures in America, a new play in DC is opening about the trials and tribulations of being a drone operator, Spencer gives us a breakdown on the crimes every president could be charged with in light of the Trump indictment, and James Li from 5149 discusses the failed Netflix livestream of “Love is Blind” as a jumping off point for something bigger.

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(00:00) Record Number of Americans Identify “Independent” (05:08) Amazon Postpones HQ2 In VA (10:03) Gen Z Says No Future In America (14:41) Drone Operator Theater Play (18:52) Insane Zoom Call From Millionaire Exec (24:48) Proof Every President Is A Criminal (36:07) Netflix Love Is Blind Live Stream Fail

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