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The next arms race: China leverages AI for edge in future wars

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The next arms race: China leverages AI for edge in future wars
China already produces the most top AI scientists, with the country hosting the first nine of the world’s top 10 institutions publishing AI-related papers.
Criticism grows over government and media silence following deadly Beijing fire
State media was silent on the unfolding crisis for several hours after the fire broke out, drawing widespread criticism over restrictions on information.
Yokosuka becomes Japan’s first city to use ChatGPT for administrative tasks
Roughly 4,000 municipal employees at Yokosuka’s city office began using the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot for a one-month trial in an effort to improve operations.
Voter reaction to attack on Kishida could impact Sunday by-elections
How the ruling party performs is expected to influence Kishida’s decision on whether to call a snap election in the coming months.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports 1,449 new cases
The number of severe case under Tokyo’s criteria rose by one from Wednesday to six, while two deaths linked to the virus were reported on …
SDF planes to leave this weekend for evacuating nationals from Sudan
The planes are expected to leave for Djibouti this weekend, from where they will fly to Sudan to evacuate around 60 Japanese nationals.

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Climate change thaws world’s northernmost research station
Around the tiny town of Ny-Aalesund, scientific data is getting harder to access, sometimes vanishing before scientists can collect it.
India opens a new and sorry chapter in its political history
The implications of opposition leader Rahul Gandhi’s sentencing for the future of India’s democracy should not be underestimated.
We’re coming out: Tokyo Rainbow Pride is back, back, back, back, back again
After three years of muted celebrations, Tokyo’s main LGBTQ party hopes to roar back to life with an in-person, public event.
‘Osaka Vintage Diary’: Secondhand concept offers comfortable charm
Director Takeshi Taniyama builds on the universe of his web series “Tokyo Vintage Diary” by making a film focused on comedian Tetsuya Morita.
Engineers unveil soccer-playing robot ARTEMIS
“If your robot cannot even play a game of soccer, how would you be able to use these robots for more important things, such as …
‘The Great Reclamation’ details the horrors of the foreign occupation in Singapore
Rachel Heng’s dazzling coming-of-age novel, set before the island country’s independence in the 1960s, chronicles the tragedy of progress with a vivid cast of characters.

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